Training & Instruction

We offer many different options for instruction from first time shooters, target shooting, defensive pistol, concealed carry to advanced carbine and long range classes.


For the beginner we can help you learn the basic safety rules, offer advice for purchasing a firearm that is right for you and try different firearms, help with applying for a concealed carry permit and developing structure in your practice.


Carbine Classes:

Learn the fundamentals behind maintenance, cleaning, general and tactical operation: to include reloads, sight in close and long range, malfunctions and proper usage under stressful conditions to build confidence with your weapon. 


Long Range Classes:

Learn the fundamentals behind maintenance, cleaning

rifle operation, scope ballistics and operation. Understanding windage and range estimation to include sight in, ranges from 100 to 1000.

Concealed Carry Classes (CCW)

These classes are designed for Montezuma County residents who want to apply for a Colorado Concealed Carry Permit (CCW). Curriculum includes safety, the law, equipment and the ability to demonstrate competency with a firearm. Students who successfully complete one of these classes will receive a certificate and application to present at the Montezuma County Sheriff's Office. Classes are $80 per person, see our calender for the next class or call 970-565-2474. Private classes for families, employees or groups can be arranged.



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